Why Cancer?

I have spent more than half of my life being sick and an unfortunate recipient of our modern Healthcare system. 

This is what I’ve learned about it all:

  1. The Healthcare system is mostly about dealing with symptoms, not actual health conditions. 
  2. The Healthcare system and the science behind it, will never admit they do not have the knowledge to cure the disease. Instead they will convince you they know what they’re doing and you should listen to them, “that’s the only way”. 
  3. The Healthcare system and the science behind it choose to ignore the metaphysical part of us and only deal with the physical part of us because it is the part they can easily comprehend and treat despite evidence being gathered that most of our sickness comes from our head and not from our body. 

Now consider all the brilliant minds that have worked and keep working on figuring cancer out and finding a treatment or a cure. 

Ever wondered how is it that they achieved so little in so many years of research? 

When I was a teenage kid, my father told me this story about a woman with brain cancer in the 70s who managed to be cured in the most odd way. 

After a long battle against cancer she was about to lose and she really tried everything, conventional & unconventional. She was coming out of her clinic and started walking down the street and came by a fountain and felt so tired and needed to sit down. As she sat down, she felt obliged to close her eyes. When she did, she started feeling this odd sensation, it was as if the water from the fountain were moving through her whole body cleansing it. She woke up feeling very different but did not truly understand what had happened. When it was time to do check ups again, the doctors were amazed because their tests failed to find cancer cells in her body at all. 

Since then, I’ve heard numerous stories that reminded me of that one. 

That is why I developed a theory of my own about cancer which I’m about to share with you. Science may try to dismiss my theory but I’m honest with myself and with you as always, as I’m writing these lines, there is no way to prove or disprove what I’m about to suggest. 

  1. Cancer is not an illness or a disease, it is a symptom of another issue deep inside of us (remember what I wrote about the Healthcare system being hard at work on treating symptoms?) 
  2. As long as we consider cancer an illness, we will not get closer to the question “what is cancer and how it comes to be”. 
  3. Cancer has to do with the energy feeding our body (be it air, food, water) and there is no official “energetic science” yet to explain to us what is considered to be “bad energy” and what is considered to be “good energy” for our bodies.

Now if you’re reading this and you’re a person of science and numbers, you may want to learn more about the amount of people who have tried to treat cancer with a ketogenic diet and the amount of researchers that have started research on the matter. 

If my energetic theory is incorrect, how come there are so many researchers trying to understand why, although having better success in curing cancer patients than any other cure for now, the diet does not help all cancer patients. 

Stay healthy, stay informed!


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