What’s next, Dr. ?

I have been around for fourty three years. Fourty two years of them I was a sick person. I am not talking about hospitalization and operations, but smaller things that affected my quality of life, mainly.

When I was born, the doctors found out I had a hernia, which made my life very painful until the age of three, when it suddenly decided to pass for no obvious reason.

But then, at the age of three, I started suffering shortness of breath and I spent the next two years of my life fighting what the doctors said was a long ongoing cold, until at the age of five, another doctor diagnosed me as having Asthma.

When I was eleven, I started having these really annoying allergies and although I can call myself lucky for not being hospitalized all that time, I was spending most of my days at home being sick with this or that.

The doctors had little to do with making me feel better. Actually, most of their tests and treatments made me feel worse in the long run.

At the age of seventeen, a doctor I had known for a long time gave me some “personal advice”. He said that studies show athletes can take advantage of almost a 100% of their lungs capacity, while other people reach 70% or so at best. He said that maybe if I practice some sports I could get to a better use of my lungs and the Asthma would bother me less.

It made perfect sense to me. I started being very active. I found out I really love it and I had many years to compensate for. The Asthma was completely gone by the age of twenty five. It was a big win for me but the Allergies were still hurting me bad.

At the age of twenty eight, I came to my GP and asked her to help me with the Allergies. Until that time, I refused to take Allergy pills because my experience with doctors told me they only make me feel worse and never better. The Allergy pills worked but only for about twenty percent of the time.

At the age of thirty, I started having really bad migraines which were to make me even more miserable than ever before. I went back to the doctor and claimed the Allergy pills were causing the migraines but she said it cannot be.

I was now living with Allergies and Migraines most of my days and pills I tried taking were making me feel even worse sometimes and did not provide a real solution or relief.

I was now eating “healthy” and very active physically (when my Migraines and Allergies let me) but there were so many days I could not function at the very basic level.

At the age of fourty two, I was exposed to many online materials which suggested what we eat has everything to do with most of our health issues. The decision to take off wheat, milk and to reduce the consumption of sugar was made about a year ago.

My body got rid of the Migraines in three months. Allergies became scarce. My body’s immune system has gotten stronger. My body could now take on colds and viruses with ease and got rid of them faster than ever. My body fat went from just under 30% to about 8% today. I have never felt so vibrant, energetic and happy in my life. I have been rewarded with a new life by changing only what I eat. Our general direction was Paleo dIet but I now hear about many “real food” diets and the miracles they accomplish.

A while ago I had to visit the doctor to get some sick leave note (I had a small inflammation in my foot due to a childhood injury) and the doctor was trying to get me to do some blood work and what not. I tried to explain there is nothing modern medicine is going to do for me anymore after what I got from it all those years but he didn’t get it.

What do you expect? Doctors have nothing to do with health. That is what my life lesson has taught me.






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