What the heck is going on?!?!?

“Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.”

Benjamin Franklin

I am mostly a standard guy, only had a hard time being part of any social framework: educational framework, military framework, employment framework etc.

I always felt like my way of thinking was colliding with the ‘hive mind’ of the social framework, giving or receiving orders.

But that was not always the case. I actually found myself enjoying the challenges thrown at me by other individuals inside a social framework from time to time.

So I find myself wondering what the heck is going on around me these days? What’s with all this corona virus BS?

A little about viruses

Let me break it down for you, let’s begin with viruses.

Viruses are a life form like humans (I am aware of the debate about this claim). They have been living on this planet longer than we have. They will probably be living on this planet after humans are long gone.

Every once in a while, our scientists discover a new virus which they have not yet identified so they gather around very excited and have a big party and give it a name, this happens all the time.

Now this corona virus (COVID-19 or whatever other name they choose for it), is not a new virus. Like most known viruses, it has likely been around for a while, we just didn’t know about it and now we do.

Somehow, what should have been a small party for some scientists about discovering a new virus, became a worldwide mass hysteria and you can’t avoid the question WHY.

I mean, I understand the media having a ball with it, they tend to do that with almost any piece of “news” that falls into their lap. But it didn’t end up with the media. Governments started wreaking havoc over something that is proving to be no match for the EBOLA or the smallpox outbreaks and you can’t help but asking yourself WHY.

A little conspiracy is good for the heart

After 48 years of living I thought I have seen everything new in my lifetime (and I don’t mean technological advancements), but then came along a new virus which, for no apparent reason made it okay for billions of people (and it is spreading) to give up their precious freedom, which human kind has been fighting over for ages.

Consider this: Tomorrow was to be the best day of your life but you have no way of knowing that and you will be quarantined in your home tomorrow and miss that day, because this is what your government told you to do, since it’s obviously “busy protecting you from this virus”.

People are surrendering their freedom in fear while the scientific community keeps on talking about how absurd and wrong this whole situation is.

My suspicion always falls on the rich people getting richer. I believe someone very powerful started all this to make some more money. Stock markets are plummeting and if you know what you’re doing, you can make billions out of this. Historically speaking, when something doesn’t add up, there is a financial motivation behind the scenes.

And then, what about our freedom?

If all this is not enough, and people living in democracy are still letting governments take away their freedom for a joke without asking WHY and getting a reasonable enough evidence-based explanation, now there are still also those who believe in the healthcare system saying it will bring us a “cure”.

First of all a vaccine is not a cure at all (and there are talks about both vaccines and cures for this virus).

Don’t take my word for it, just look around you at the people you know, see who’s been taking the flu vaccine and when was the last time you saw them coming down with the flu 😉

And to be naive enough to think they may find a cure? A cure for what exactly? The annihilation of another life form is a cure all of a sudden? What makes you trust them to come up with it? Have they a cure for the flu? the common cold? Cancer?

With all this madness going on around me, I just have to say, I think you deserve this punishment of not enjoying the intimacy of a loved one (2 m distance, remember?) or the warmth of the sun, because you don’t have the brains and the guts to stand up and ask WHY.

I leave you with this part from the movie Braveheart. Remember, people used to fight for their freedom at the cost of their lives not so long ago. WHY are you so eager to give up yours?

We all die eventually, it is how you live that makes the difference, not how you die.

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