I am not a big fan of trends. As the name suggests, they tend to be around for a while and then be forgotten.
Our current health crisis is not something to be taken lightly. We choose not to talk about it but there are many casualties to our health crisis every day all over the world. People are dying from serious conditions and fatal diseases and we choose to look the other way and say, “I’m healthy, it won’t happen to me”.

The real food revolution which has been swooping the world off its feet lately, is a good thing. Many sick people find it surprising that a diet of some sort can work miracles on them. Many healthy people find themselves wondering why they haven’t tried it before.

When we (Elinor and I) started this journey, we were exposed to a large amount of data which was beginning to stir us in the right direction. We started off with The Paleo Diet but after being exposed to more data found out that The Paleo Diet was avoiding dealing with the real issues in our western diet (the SAD) and most people on this diet were more about telling others “hey, I’m doing Paleo” and joining some group on Facebook rather than trying to be healthy and understand the science.

I admit it is a generalization and I have met some interesting people who understand and practice the science I talk about even in the Paleo community, but I urge you to continue the search for answers and not be swept away by a trend.

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