The three pillars of life


Unlike most people, I try to observe and learn new things by being more aware of the life around me. I do not wear a white coat, I do not spend most of my day in a closed lab, I just notice the life and nature around me and try to derive interesting insights from what I absorb.

Universal truths

Lately I’ve been reading a lot about ancient philosophies of life, and it’s been an eye-opening journey for me. Ancient philosophies and civilizations believed that there were universal truths, things that would be true even if you found yourself on another planet facing other species.

I will give a simple example:

Image by Walkerssk from Pixabay

Ancient civilizations were obsessed with building pyramids.
Many try to speculate why, but the most fascinating thing I’ve ever read about a pyramid is that it represents the basic universal law of creation, it’s a universal truth.
By the way, think about it for a second, a pyramid could be built in many ways Why did they always build it exactly the same, what is called in geometry a “regular based right pyramid”?
The ancient wisdom says that this is a symbol of creation, there is one apex that “stands above” four base corners. It is an ancient symbol that shows the creative power of nature, a creative energy that stands above the four elements.

Back to those three pillars

Through my observations and learning, I have developed what I believe to be a universal truth.
I have deduced that there are three pillars to life and they are simple:
Energy – Every living thing needs energy to move forward in its life. If energy does not flow through us, we wither and die.
Communication – is the key to the survival of every creature.
The Physical Body – The physical side of our existence; if this part fails us, our physical existence may be in danger. I will not go into the philosophy of whether or not we can continue to live without the physical body.

The basic error – physical everything

It is very difficult for most people to consider things beyond the physical.
Going back to my pyramid example above, ancient civilizations called the Creator “the energy of creation,” but people have a hard time accepting something that exists without a body, so more modern civilizations developed the “God theorem,” which is easier for most people to accept.
So much so that the Hebrew Bible says

“So God created man in his own image, in the image of God he created him; male and female he created them.”

Genesis 1:27

desperately trying to give God a human-like figure so that humans would have an easier time relating to the Creator.

Why do I bring this up?
When I talk about the three pillars, people only see the first two as connected to the third.
When I say energy, most people think of food.
When I say communication, most people think of verbal communication and language.
But that is not what I wrote, and that is not what I meant. The energy pillar and the communication pillar are mostly connected to our other levels of existence and not to our physical body.

For example, Hermetism (which I am a big fan of these days) talks about the three planes of existence: the spiritual plane, the mental plane, and the physical plane.

So modern science can now retire my theory because it is only interested in the physical plane and does not care about understanding the other planes?
I think I have a surprise for all you scientists out there. Keep reading.

Dr. Fritz Albert Popp

Dr. Popp was a German scientist. He was born in Frankfurt in 1938 and made a significant observation while studying people in his laboratory. He was able to observe photon rays being emitted inside our human body and outward, and he wondered why.
As a result, he called us humans “beings of light” and gave his studies a name, his science he called photobiology.
His scientific deduction led him to understand that these photons of light serve us, inside and out, as a means of communication.

What can we take from that?

I think I’ve managed to show that even science cannot ignore the fact that when we talk about energy and communication, we are not talking about the physical communication that we accept as communication (verbal communication between people).

What can we do with this understanding?
Let’s take the medical sciences for example, we can now relate my three pillars to the main causes of human disease. We can attribute any disease to one of the three causes.
You can easily understand what a physical body injury is. We just need to invest some more in understanding energy flow issues in our bodies (which is actually done in Chinese medicine, for example) and communication issues in our bodies, and then we can look at the whole world of human health very differently.

This was just a simple example.

Final words

I always thought that my goal in writing this blog was to intrigue the minds of the people who read it and encourage them to continue reading and learning for themselves.
I think I have done that with this slightly different perspective on life.
I encourage you to learn more about ancient philosophies and their understanding of life. Using all the luxuries of the modern world does not mean you have to erase thousands of years of ancient wisdom.

Stay educated,


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