Real Food

Getting started is not easy. It is the simple truth for most things in life. Change is mostly hard.
Like most people who chose to make a nutritional change and ended up with an upgraded life, my change was not easy as well. That is why I decided to encourage people to make the nutritional change with some basic rules or guidelines:
1. Remove all sugars and flours from your house.
2. Cooking for yourself means investing in your health. Do your own cooking and avoid eating outside.
3. Drink only water and plenty of it at all time. Coffee and Tea are also acceptable as long as they are not over consumed.
4. Avoid having large amounts of fruits in the house.
5. Always have nuts and berries in the house.
6. Remove all industrial cooking and baking oils from the house. Get used to the taste of butter in your food. Throw away the Margarine.
7. Be as creative as you can with the food you serve for you and for others.

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