Practice Practice Practice

Most people are born into what I call the shame/blame game. Their inner self and the people around them mislead them into blaming themselves and others, driving their entire lives down a very specific path of despair and dissatisfaction.
I have spent my 51 years of life trying to prove that our lives are all about choosing what we invest in and simply practicing to make it work for us.
I didn’t do it to prove a point, I didn’t do it to hear others tell me I was right. I did it to improve my own life path and guess what, I got where I wanted to go.

Practice what?

Now you’re probably wondering what there is to practice.
Actually, that too takes time to figure out. It turns out that the simplest things in life, the things that are at the core of our lives, the things we think we were born knowing, are the things that are most worthy of our time and dedication. Things like breathing, walking, listening, concentrating – all seem to be things we can practice to get to a different level, to sharpen our instincts, our focus, to enjoy life on a very different level than the one we know.

Practice how?

The way I decide whether to invest in something is quite simple. I choose a topic and try some practices over a period of days and examine the results. Of course, you have to be very self-aware to determine how effective the exercises are for you.

Let’s take breathing for example, in my lifetime I have come across a lot of material about breathing and how much potential it has to dramatically improve our lives.
Today it is easy to find breathing exercises on YouTube.
You can do a YouTube search for “Whole Body Breathing” and find many practice sessions to choose from, I found this one as an example:

Whole Body Breathing by Kim Eng

Take 5 days to try Whole Body Breathing, be aware of the small changes in you, see where it takes you.

Seems to be working? Want to move forward?

If you find that the breathing exercises are working, that they are making a significant difference in your life, you may want to try another, perhaps a more advanced exercise.
This next one is from a book that I’m deeply connected to, it’s called “Initiation into Hermetics” by Franz Bardon. This book changed my life in ways I cannot explain.

It is about the teachings of Hermes Trismegistus, also known as “Hermetism”. You can simply try and follow this guide to learn how to control your “train of thought”:

Practice to improve, stay educated,


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