Not so resilient after all

Recently I had to rethink everything I knew about our body’s healing powers. Over a period of about 6 months I was made to deal with an illness and injury that gave me a new perspective on our body’s healing process and how many lies we are fed and how we weaken our body’s healing powers without even acknowledging it.

It is important to mention two things in regard to this experiment I found myself conducting:

  1. I had stopped seeing doctors about 10 years ago.
  2. I am not a big believer in herbal medicine.

All of these experiments came out of these two facts and the idea that the common beliefs that we recite every day may not be true at all.

The first event was an illness, a simple case of sore throat.

People around me were quick to recite what we learn throughout our lives about the role of antibiotics in curing infections.

A neighbor who was also sick told me that I would not get better without antibiotics, that I would get worse and that I would have to take antibiotics at some point, so why not start right away, she said.

At this point I remembered what my father used to say about antibiotics, he would say, “People died of simple infections before there were antibiotics.

If you read my post “Scientific evidence and common belief”, you know that I am mostly questioning all these common beliefs and trying to learn new things instead of repeating things that people think they know to be true.

Given this, I continued my illness without any modern medicine, especially antibiotics.

I was not surprised that my body found its own way to recovery.

What did surprise me was the number of people around me who would not even consider any other option than to take antibiotics because, according to them, that is what you do when you have an infection.

About 2 weeks ago I was squeezing a lemon over a glass cup and apparently I applied too much pressure and the glass cup broke and my hand was caught in the shards.

Two of my fingers were badly injured as a result of this incident, and the wounds were deep.

Everyone around me who heard about the incident had something to say: “You should at least go to see a nurse,” “Without medical care, the wounds would not heal properly,” “You should close the wounds together with a sealing bandage or they will not close”. Of course, I listened to what they said and did the exact opposite. Not because it was the opposite of what they said, but because I decided to follow my own logic to treat my injuries and my logic did not accept what they had to say.

Instead, I decided to leave the wounds as open as possible without risking reopening them, which meant using bandages that covered the wounded areas but did not seal them. I also walked around with the wounds open to the air as often as I could. After a few more days, I saw that the wounds were healing. I replaced the open bandages with small bandages that covered only the injured skin, again trying to expose the wounds to air as much as possible.

These wounds are healing nicely, but I was forced to think about these experiences and a new theory that came to me. Is all this medicine really helping us or is it hindering our body’s natural healing powers?

Let me give you an example: Maybe tomorrow morning you wake up with a bad headache, not a migraine, but a headache. In anticipation of a long and hard day at work, you decide to take a pill to alleviate the pain so it won’t affect your day. The body is then prevented from dealing with the problem and healing itself, the pill does the work. 

Over the course of a year of your life, you face a similar situation several times a month, and you always choose the easy way out (the pill). The body’s healing process is a much longer process.

Is it possible that you’re crippling your body by preventing it from using its healing powers over and over again?

Are these choices crippling and weakening our body’s ability to heal over time?

Think about it and stay educated,


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