Major NO NO

We all heard about these terms: lactose intolerance, gluten intolerance. We often make simple false declarations when confronted with them. We may hear about Milk not being healthy for us or the reasons we are not supposed to eat grains (wheat and such).

As most people, my reaction used to be “I am not allergic to those”. Little did I know, that life would prove me wrong to the point of suffering.

Our body’s tolerance is actually much like a big brick wall. It can withstand many many hard blows. But imagine a stream of water banging against our brick wall. Today, the little strokes of water will not hurt the big brick wall. Tomorrow, they will not. But in a week, the water would start eating away at our wall. In a matter of years, they will bring it down. Most people will actually fail to notice the damages until its too late and the damage is already done.

I actually started this post to write about another aspect of grains and milk. Something that is less discussed than the known intolerance issues.

Today’s grains are abundant with Glutamate and our milk with Casein. The two are basically harmless amino acids the body creates on its own as it needs them to function on daily basis.

As with all other things in nature, our body relies on a delicate balance, much of it distorted by the industrial revolution in our food. The industrial food introduces our body to massive amounts of Glutamate and Casein throwing it out of balance.

Truth be said, we have no idea what damage is caused by this “little” imbalance and chances are we don’t want to know.

Just think again before you answer “I am not allergic to those” next time someone talks to you about these. This simple truth has changed my life.



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