Labeling everything & why it does not serve us

We have been through this fascinating journey of health via nutrition, Elinor (my partner) and I. It has changed our lives forever and we cannot look back.

It is easy to dismiss someone asking what you eat and how you eat with some conformist label like ‘vegetarian’ or ‘ketogenic’ and Elinor often does that.

Getting into the details of our journey is not an easy task and most people would rather have a short answer they can live with and not go into too many details.

However, I would argue that this does not serve the inquirer at all, because if someone asks, maybe there is a reason for their inquiry and they would benefit greatly from hearing everything and not only a label.

My explanation would be something like:

I follow 3 prime rules in my diet and this is the way I eat.

  1. Always favor what was produced by nature and not what was manufactured by man.
  2. Fast when you can, it has significant benefits to our health, intermittent fasting is a good way to go about it on a daily basis.
  3. Choose fat, then protein and then carbohydrates, in this order.

If you want to have the reasons for each point, they are available on this blog if you browse my other posts, you can begin here:

The point I’m making here today is that labeling is superficial and does not serve us in every aspect of our lives, not just with food. Investing in understanding and learning may change our lives in a way we never thought possible.

Let us take another example.

The human race has been dealing with a lot of hate and discrimination around certain ‘ethnic groups’, ‘genders’ etc.

Although many people believe the way to correct the issue is to fix it by promoting certain human groups, if you really think about it, eventually what will happen is that the underprivileged groups will become overprivileged which will create the same problem, just with other human groups.

If instead people were to be educated to respect the individual and take the time to evaluate individuals based on personality and merit and not to hurry and label a person by connecting them to a certain group, people would take the time to know more about each other and stop discriminating and hating others because of their label.

We do the same with everything around us, we do the same with our pets, labeling them ‘dogs’ or ‘cats’ and thinking it means everything about them. Dog and Cat lovers will be fast to dismiss this because they would tell you without hesitation that each of them has their own personality, their own traits, and they cannot be labeled so easily.

I’ve seen it done with so many aspects of life and I am telling you, there is no other way than to actually spend the time and learn these things on your own. I promise you, the more you take the time to stop this labeling and learn about things, the better your life experience will become.

Stay educated,


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