Influenza Politica

It’s been 8 months of this global crisis. I’m hoping that by now most of you are nodding in consent when I say what we have here has nothing to do with a virus. I’m hoping that these 3 simple points will disway you from believing otherwise:

  1. Why let politicians manage a healthcare crisis?

Not long after March 2020, a unanimous global decision was made by all governments to kidnap the management of this global crisis from healthcare professionals and put it in the hands of politicians. A healthcare crisis should be handled by healthcare professionals. A political crisis should be handled by political experts. Every modern government has a department to handle such healthcare crises but the control was taken away from them by the politicians.

2. What should be learned from Nazi Germany?

I was born and raised as a Jew so let me be blunt and say, what we should learn from one of the darkest hours in the history of the human race is not that we shouldn’t kill Jews, what we should learn is that our government is not always right, the government can make bad decisions, the government does not always have our best interest in mind. It is our job as people living under a democratic government to question every decision, law, action of our government and be heard by our governments when they fail at that. Think I’m being too militant? How about hearing it from a holocaust survivor?

3. What does fear have to do with it?

Niccolò di Bernardo dei Machiavelli was an Italian Renaissance diplomat, philosopher and writer, He has often been called the father of modern political philosophy and political science. I highly recommend his book “The Prince” written in 1513. He offers so many valuable insights into modern governance, it’s hard to accept the fact that this book was written so many years ago. 

In his book he writes that there are only two ways to govern people, the easiest being through fear.

How do we know that our governments are trying to scare us?

  1. Why would they fake numbers of covid-19 deaths? (1)
  2. Why would they use the highly inaccurate PCR test to diagnose people with covid-19?
  3. Why would they force extreme measures like lockdown and mask wearing when they have proved to be ineffective and even harmful? (1)

(1) The original video was removed. You can browse other explanatory vidoes by Ivor Cummins here:

As I do often in my blog posts, I’m saying once again, it is up to you to make a change, it is up to you to stop the government from failing to serve your best interest.

If you’re sitting at home hoping this will end soon, it will all go away and things will get back to normal, I’m here to tell you it’s in your hands!

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