Back in the days when you could actually learn from researchers and scientists posting on social media, giving interviews in a newspaper, appearing in the news, you could actually educate yourself with materials you gathered from the Mainstream media or the Social media.

But those days are over now and scientists and researchers are now being banned and tagged as ‘deniers of the truth’ when they speak about the science and research they are involved in.

This leaves the Mainstream media outlets and the social media channels in the hands of politicians, social media clowns, news reporters and other marketing wannabes which now want to teach us so much about science (as they would like to see it).

An example

When this ‘pandemic’ started there were some talks about cures. Many were censored brutally by the social media channels. In January 2021, Facebook realized it made a mistake and one of those cures, could actually save lives.


How many more cures were hidden from us and at what cost?

What are we exposed to and why

This reminds me of a report I read back in 2017.

In the US, the nutritional recommendations are revised every few years by an advisory committee which goes over all the science and over all past recommendations and updates the recommendations as the science keeps advancing. Back in 2017, I took the time to go through the committee’s entire report. I found a few things there that were never published even to the media for some reason which surprised me because I follow the science and knew that this new research data existed.

What was written there may come as a shock to you but the committee only publishes what is scientifically solid which goes to show you how much of the science reaches the people these days.

Among their conclusions:

  1. Cholesterol in food is not considered a problem or a risk anymore. New scientific evidence has shown that only 15% of our blood cholesterol is determined by what we eat, all the rest (85%) our body decides to manufacture because it needs it to regulate many processes in our body.
  2. The committee repeats its standing recommendation (which is backed by science) that ‘manufactured foods’ (processed) should not be more than 9% of our diet, it is highly unhealthy.

I bet you never heard of these two recommendations in your life, the reason being your information is being manipulated for profit and political gain. There is no reason for you to know about that.

The vaccination conundrum

This brings me to one of the most controversial matters today, vaccinations.

All of a sudden, vaccines are being offered to us as a savior and all the people around seem to be thinking vaccines are a proven solution with many benefits to humans.

Would it shock you to know it isn’t so?

If you take away the noise: politicians, MSM, Social media, big pharma, there is no research that managed to show any benefits to vaccination over 225 years of vaccine history. 

As a matter of fact, most independent research about vaccines found vaccines to be very risky to humans.

In this video, you can see Dr. Suzanne Humphries explaining a little more about the existing research about vaccines and brings actual references to scientific research that exists.

The puppeteer

Many people are convinced that this is all just a big conspiracy theory and there is not one force behind it but the evidence we gathered in the last year tells another story. The people who are behind this do not even bother to hide anymore. Big pharma and big tech are there to make money and our health will not stop them. They will do whatever they can to scare people into using their products. 

Examples to how destructive big pharma has become are countless. I just found this one simple example: https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2019/jul/24/opioids-crisis-big-pharma-drugs-carnage

They contaminate our health system, they contaminate the information we receive. 

Wouldn’t you like to be a little more informed and a lot less sick?

I know I am and it is because I chose to educate myself to all this, not because I’m a conspiracy theorist of some sort.

I would keep my good health at the cost of being called a conspirator any day. How about you?

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