Free to choose

Most of us, if asked of our freedom to make choices in our everyday life, would state that we are totally free to choose just about anything.

When we look closer at most aspects of our lives, we find ourselves making choices based on no information (which we do not have) or information which is not accurate.

The food industry in our world is one such aspect. Our main concern with our food, is not the ingredients we know we consume in our food, but the ingredients we are not told that are inserted into our food.

Sometimes this industry chooses to be vague about an ingredient in our food, like when they write “Flavors” or :flavoring” or “seasoning” and really mean they add Mono sodium Glutamate, but the really bad one is when they choose not to tell us about where our food comes from, like in the case of all the genetically modified organisms in our food.

The law in most countries chooses not to take part in this scam, mainly because a it is a very rich industry which has major effects on the economy.

There are over fifty different names they use in order to hide the fact they have added sugar to a product and more than fifty names they use to specify MSG in our food. These are just a couple of examples…

There are some countries where GMO (Genetically modified organisms) are explicitly mentioned when being used in our foods, but most of the countries do not have laws to enforce that.

That is how we got to this place where from 5 teaspoons of sugar consumed by an average person a day 50 years ago, we now live in a world where most people consume about 41 teaspoons of sugar a day, often without even realizing it and while thinking they are making “healthy” choices of food and drink.

Now let me ask you this, can we really afford this situation in our current global health crisis? Can we afford not to know what’s in our food? I don’t think you need me to answer that one. You already have the answer.


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