I have spent most of my adult life as a very physically active person. I enjoy doing, while most around me enjoy not doing. I found the thing I like doing most is bodybuilding. But, after years of bodybuilding I can tell that people should engage with any physical activity they connect to.

That has nothing to do with how I choose to live my life. I can sum up my philosophy in one word, flow.

It is very hard to miss the simple fact that almost everything around us is in constant flow. Even the most still objects in nature, tend to flow with everything around them.

That is the natural way of daily physical activity. That is the imitation and projection of life around us. That is how I see healthy physical activity to be.

Life is not constant. Life is not still. Try to be at least as active as the life around you. Take the time to look at the beautiful nature around us and embrace the flow. It is the natural way of moving. Training only comes second to the FLOW.


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