Faith in you?

When I was a little boy, my father taught me to respect people in their beliefs. I grew up believing in that but with time, I found out that I had issues with that saying and with many others.
I found out the hard way that most knowledge passed from father to son, does not pass real world tests and has a way of “narrowing things down for us”, as if as for our own good.
The one thing that challenged me most was the human belief in god. As a very good observer of “human nature” I saw people use that belief to get away from personal responsibility for their actions in life, admitting the lack of control they have over their own life with sentences like” it’s in god’s hands now”, denying simple realities with that belief of theirs and much more. But the thing that really shocked me was their ability to belittle themselves in order to make room for their other beliefs.
It is as if they do not have room, as if they have a certain amount of belief they can handle and when they bestow some of it on another entity, real or fictional, their belief in themselves becomes weaker.
It led me to understand it is not people believing in god that I have a problem with but people replacing their belief in themselves with them believing in someone or something else which I find despicable.
We could debate about the amount of control one has over his own life, but instead, maybe we should endeavor to take action and be the best we can be with all we have.
It looks to me, like people who choose to give some of their belief to someone or something else, just don’t try enough. It may not be an absolute truth. There are always exceptions to everything, but I keep running into people who have maxed out their potential because they just choose to believe in something else besides themselves.
If you are a true believer, start by believing in yourself. Give yourself more credit.
Have some faith in you.

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