Does it seem to be working?

A friend and I had a debate recently. I said I look in the mirror and make the change. He said I should try and change other people’s minds about the way they live and the way they eat. They are being misled by doctors and dieticians.

I listened to his side but something just didn’t add up. A small question started floating in my mind and I cannot seem to shake it. It has been over thirty years since this grave mistake was made and people started fearing fat and over-consuming sugar and carbs.

This simple question I cannot reconcile with is:


Doctors and dieticians have been telling us we should eat fruit and vegetables to be healthier. Does it seem to be making people around us healthier?

Doctors and dieticians have been telling us to do lots of sports. It has become the single thing everybody’s doing without any questions. It has become a frenzy. Does it seem to be working?

When you walk down the street or into a shopping mall these days, do you find yourself looking at lean, healthy people all around you?

I should think 30 years are enough time to tell people health is not healthy. Our current perceptions of health are not making us healthier. Isn’t it time to stop and reconsider? Re-evaluate what we have been taught as “Healthy”?

If people on the street cannot stop for a minute and look at the evidence around them (and in the mirror), why should they listen to me?

If you are willing to accept that health as taught to you by your doctor, your dietician, your trainer, the media, the drug companies, the food companies etc. is not healthy, that what you eat is not what you’re supposed to be eating, then maybe you’re in a place to start doubting the common belief and become healthier.

It is sad to admit it but most people will only try to achieve this new wisdom when faced with an illness of some sort. Some will not even try in the face of a life threatening condition.

When people come to me and ask about our diet and our lifestyle and our understanding, I go into the long explanations and make sure people have all the information and recognize the issues with our modern food and medicine basics. Thing is people rarely do.

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