Climate change or a cycle of ingrates


For a long time I was reluctant to write anything on the subject, I felt there was something missing in the whole debate.
A debate between Noam Chomsky and a BBC radio interviewer gave me a much needed perspective on the whole issue and I decided to try and write what I thought about it.
The debate was not about climate change at all, it was about the war in Ukraine and Noam Chomsky was trying to explain to this interviewer that some things in life are not pro or con, they are just what they are.
Some blame the US for the war in Ukraine, some blame Russia. Noam Chomsky tried to explain to the interviewer that he didn’t think it mattered, he just thought that Russia and the US were responsible for a lot of dead Ukrainians and that was all that mattered.
It seems that all you see these days is ‘camps’, nobody sees beyond ‘camps’.
Pro-vaccine and anti-vaxxer, the US is to blame for the war in Ukraine or Russia is to blame for the war in Ukraine, there is climate change or there is not, Democrats versus Republicans, there is no neutrality, no open debate, no grey area, no middle ground.

Just another symptom

I bring all this up because what Noam Chomsky said about the war in Ukraine got me thinking about this silly debate about climate change.
It seems that whether you believe that climate change is happening or not, you cannot escape the fact that this climate change is just a symptom of a much bigger problem that we choose to ignore, and the sad truth is that we have caused it.

As Carl Sagan once said, the Earth is the only home we know for now, and it may take a long time to change (maybe find a new home on another planet). The Earth has given us everything we needed to get this far, to survive.
We breathe the air, we drink the water, we eat the fruit of the land.

How come we have allowed powerful people and big corporations to pollute this air, this water, this land? How come we have allowed them to poison the land with their chemicals?
If you think about it for a minute, the land will probably recover from this disaster, but what about the people?

Some responsibility and progress

Although most people are still drowning in this debate, it is pretty clear what the problems are.
It is also not surprising that instead of coming up with new and bold ideas to generate energy, people are busy debating bad ideas that solve nothing.

Our two most pressing problems are the burning of fossil fuels and the internal combustion engine.
Whether you know it or not, the electric car is still a combustion engine and electricity is still produced by burning fossil fuels. No real solution here, just another lie.

Being old enough, I’ve had the chance to see real solutions being developed and how they’ve been scrapped by the oil and gas mega-industry, but I won’t go into all that.
If you want to learn more about this, I would refer you to Dr Steven Greer’s film, The Lost Century: And How to Take It Back

So much pollution

We pollute the air we breathe

Image by Steve Buissinne from Pixabay

We pollute the water we drink

Image by Yogendra Singh from Pixabay

We pollute the earth

Image by PublicDomainPictures from Pixabay

And as if garbage is not enough, plastic is not enough, we use unsustainable genetically modified seeds, contaminated with chemicals and radiation, to further poison the earth and the food we consume

As I often say, we start by educating ourselves about the issues at hand, taking responsibility, choosing what to consume, making a change.
Courage is the next step forward, people should be aware and have the courage to make changes. As Dr Steven Greer’s film shows, there are alternatives, we can make a change, we need educated people and brave people to start a very important change.

The next time someone decides to bring up the climate change debate, steer the debate in the right direction, talk to them about the real issues and about changing the way we think. That is how we spread the word, that is how change begins.

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