Abusing everything & our immune system

Our modern world has given us access to so much: so much information, so much science, so many drugs, so much alcohol, so much food, so many people, so much chasing after meaningless material things that serve no purpose in our lives eventually.

Did we really think that this way of life is sustainable? Did we really manage to convince ourselves that there will be no consequences? Does it seem to be going in the right direction? Why don’t more people stop to think and plan for tomorrow? How close are we to a true disaster?

Rats in a maze

Our world today has us running around like rats in a maze. We are convinced easily to pursue the ‘Capitalist Dream’ for no reason at all.

Everything in our lives these days is about money. Making money is the way to achieve things for most living people.

This modern world makes sure that we are busy with the making of money every second of every minute in every day of our lives, so we won’t stop to think about what is happening around us and the cost we are forced to pay.

Governmental systems such as health, education and even science and research are now governed by financial motives and not by the will of men for the greater good of the living population on this planet.

Considering that humans have lived on this planet for about 3 million years, this way of thinking, which is less than 200 years old, has proven to be nothing but disastrous to the human race. Yet not enough people stop to use their magnificent brains long enough to see how fast the human race decided to adopt this way of life with no real evidence for what or whom it serves exactly.


Out of fear born out of darker ages in human history, we decided that excess is our friend. Everyone is consuming too much of everything and no one stands outside this vicious circle yelling, “please stop, what are you doing!?” 

For example, the food industry now produces food for 11 billion people when there are only 8 billion people on this planet (for now).

We have developed an abusive relationship with everything in our lives and we fail to see that.

People choose to abuse food, alcohol, tabaco, drugs (prescribed or unprescribed) and even without science standing over our heads telling us we’re in the wrong direction, we could easily identify the blatant abuse, except we were not able to tell what will be the cost to pay until a few months ago.


What turned out to be a flu like virus which should pass earth population with no special issues, managed to terrorize this planet’s population in a way we never thought possible.

Why is that really? Why is it such a problem for the modern man to deal with a simple flu like virus? 

There are probably billions of viruses in our atmosphere yet what happened this year with the coronavirus pandemic, unraveled one of the biggest damages to humanity from the perspective of abusing everything: our immune system.

“Why do so many people die of flu every year”, seems to be a linked question.

One more question to ask before we try to provide historically relevant answers: Why do so many people among humans living on this planet this day are immunocompromised?

Back to the basics

What is food and what role did it play in our lives for 2.9 billion years (give or take)?

The simple answer is energy. Our food was supposed to be the way we filled our body with energy, or in other words wrong food = wrong energy.

If you ever tried to fill up your diesel engine car with unleaded fuel, you will understand exactly what I’m talking about. 

It doesn’t end there. It seems that in our race’s history there was another magical ingredient we chose to disrespect, ignore, forget. Food was never so accessible as it is today so humans spent periods of their lives in a fasting like state which scientists have only recently begun to understand as a cleansing and therapeutic process in our bodies, that no longer happens.

Conveniently ignored facts

In the last few years, people have started to be aware of the myth of cholesterol and saturated fats. In 2015 the FDA decided to print in it’s recommended nutrition report that cholesterol is not considered a problematic molecule anymore and the consumption of high cholesterol foods is not considered to be dangerous to human health as before in light of new research. 

They stated that it is not because cholesterol was proved to be harmless but because it was found by scientists that only 15% of our bodily cholesterol is consumed by us through the food we eat, 85% of our body cholesterol is manufactured by our body regardless of what we eat. There’s a reason our body makes its own cholesterol, it has vital immunizing and inflammation fighting properties. 

People chose to ignore that fact completely and the pharmaceutical companies spent billions in advertising making sure that public opinion about cholesterol remained the same (after all, they make tons of money selling statin drugs, they cannot afford to lose this revenue stream).

Otherwise, people might have chosen to stop and think for a minute and wonder why the body chooses to produce all that cholesterol and is it correct to try and get rid of it with drugs.

The point I’m trying to make is that people choose to ignore facts. If we leave the whole cholesterol issue aside, we find another disturbing fact written in that report that people chose to ignore as well. The FDA (with the science brought to it) also chose to warn Americans not to consume too much manufactured or industrialized food. In fact, they chose to recommend that people limit their consumption of manufactured foods to a maximum of 9% of all foods consumed. They do not write recommendations that are not backed by science. 

Science has enough evidence of the problems manufactured foods create in our bodies and our immune system is one of the most compromised systems by manufactured foods. Yet, a quick look at people’s shopping carts in the supermarket, or even the “whole foods” and “health foods” isles, show anyone with some brains that 99% of what people are eating comes in a package with a long ingredients list, made in a factory.

Show me the money

We started by talking about the amount of damage the ‘financial view’ does in so many aspects of our lives, maybe it is time to address it again.

Food manufacturing and big pharma are top industries today. They create many jobs, they contribute a lot of income to governments around the globe. It is hard to imagine why the governments will choose to publicly limit the consumption of manufactured foods. It is to go against their own financial goals. Sick people serve them more. They make money out of sick people. They say they want healthy people, but  make no effort to limit or regulate substances that are harmful for us because it would create a conflict of interests with their goal of making the money that they need to keep everything as it is.

What about the immune system?

In the past few years we have learned a lot of new things about our immune system and the way it works. We learned that for every cell in our body there are 10 cells of bacteria. We learned that 70% of them are concentrated in our gut and have a crucial role in our immune system. We eat to keep them alive and ‘in good health’ and they, in return, protect our bodies from disease. There is already enough evidence to explain that the wrong foods (manufactured foods mainly) will cause them damage and illness, which will in return, weaken us.

There is evidence connecting wheat and sugar to damage to the gut bacteria. 

All this is public knowledge these days thanks to the internet and is easily accessible to anyone with internet access.

It is up to you

As I wrote, it is up to you to continue with this research to make yourself a healthier person. 

The authorities, like everything else around us, are highly motivated to chase the money, just like most people around.

I always thought that healthcare and education should not be linked to money for them to create healthier, more educated societies. It is a blatant conflict of interests.

In our house, where food is prepared freshly for every meal using single ingredient foods that don’t come in a box or bag (yes, we do go out to dine from time to time), where we give time for the body to heal from yesterday’s last meal (we make sure we have 16 hours between yesterday’s last meal and today’s first meal), we usually get sick no more than once a year and hardly need to see a doctor. Our family is only Elinor and myself but I can tell you, when Elinor is sick, I am not infected and when I am sick Elinor is not infected. It has been like that for the past six years, since we’ve decided to invest in our food, and in return, we get to keep our health.

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