A Ticking Bomb

As someone who’s been monitoring the health crisis closely for the last couple of years, having a reformed type 2 diabetic by my side (my partner for life, Elinor who is now doing very well on Zero Carbs), I already got the feeling that the industrial food crisis is much more catastrophic than reported by the authorities and the various health services around the world.

Seeing this YouTube interview where Ivor Cummins interviews Dr. Joseph R. Kraft, made me feel my worst fears were true.
Dr. Kraft speaks about his research, which led him to:

  1. Discover that our ways of diagnosing the metabolic syndrome were, to say the least, inaccurate and cannot give true indication to the metabolic syndrome.
  2. Find a new way to diagnose people with metabolic syndrome in very early stages.

He goes on to explain that with his new diagnostic way, he found out some very disturbing statistics during his research years (he is 95 years old today so his research days are actually over).
He managed to analyze 15,000 people through the years, and found out that 75% of them (people who were believed to be healthy) actually suffered from metabolic syndrome.

I admit the interview is a bit tedious, but I urge you to make the effort and work on the conclusions for yourself for a while, because it may save your life making that change today and not wait for tomorrow.

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